IT Consultancy

Improve your business by making intelligent use of Information Technology

IT Consultancy Services

As an independent IT Consultant, I can offer advice on the best hardware or software solution to meet your individual needs. I act as an IT Consultant to a number of local businesses including property management companies and local guest houses. I also work with a number of private professionals. The overall aim is to increase your business efficiency and security by making intelligent use of Information Technology.

Advice on hardware aquisition taking in everything from desktop computers and laptops to data backup systems and the latest cloud based storage solutions.
Advice on the best software solution for your business ranging from standard Office software to specialist software solutions for specific business requirements.
Advice on the best networking solution for your business ranging from ethernet based office networks to Wi-Fi based solutions for home offices and guest houses.

Hardware aquisition is of fundamental importance in any business and ranges from choosing the most appropriate desktop or laptop computers to matching these systems with suitable periferals such as printers and data backup solutions. There has been a fundamental shift in recent years from local based file storage to the many cloud based solutions. As in independent IT consultant, I can offer advice on the best hardware solution for your business.

As with hardware aquisition, software selection is also of fundamental importance in any business. In many cases, business requirements are limited to a professional email system coupled with standard office software including word processing and spreadsheets. In this case Microsoft Office 365 would provide a good option. In some cases, the business will have specific requirements, in which case a dedicated software package aimed at the individual business sector would be a better solution.

A Local Area Network (LAN) increases productivity by allowing users to share common resources including data, printers and the internet connection. This increases productivity, communication and organisational effectiveness. A local network ranges from an ethernet based cable infrastructure to a Wi-Fi based wireless system. Many networks will combine the two infrastructures. The range of Wi-Fi networks can be extended with the use of Wi-Fi Extenders, Wi-Fi Access Points or PowerLine Adapters.